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About Us And Our Values

Our mission at Bowline Financial is to guide clients through a prudent planning and investment process to help achieve their financial goals in their lives and their business. We take this mission very seriously for every client who walks through our door. Achievement is reached by focusing on our core values of: Resourcefulness and Continual Improvement. As comprehensive fee-based Advisors, we analyze each aspect of a client's financial well-being. This includes retirement, investments, risk management, tax and estate planning.

To guide clients through a prudent planning and investment process to help achieve their financial goals.

Meet Our Team

Matthew D. Sumnicht

Financial Planner, Managing Partner

Matt is a managing partner and financial advisor of Bowline Financial, whose main responsibilities are conducting business development tasks to attract new prospects, creating and presenting financial plans to clients along with giving ...

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John Herbert, CFP®

Financial Planner, Managing Partner

John is a managing partner and lead financial planner at Bowline Financial. His primary roles in the firm include providing comprehensive financial plans to clients, strengthening current client relationships, and bettering firm...

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Our Broker Dealer

We have chosen to offer securities, investment advisory services, and insurance through our broker dealer MML Investor Services (MMLIS) and MassMutual. MassMutual was founded in 1851 and has always had a client obsessive corporate philosophy. Their focus on client’s long-term interests has allowed them to accumulate over $200 billion of assets under management through MML Investor Services and consistently pay dividends to their policyowners since the 1860s (though they are not guaranteed). The strength, longevity, and consistent track record of our broker dealer helps give us the ability to think big, act small, and deliver the best for our clients.