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Business Continuity and Succession Planning

We guide business owners to make prudent

financial decisions today, which can then provide them with options, flexibility, and control in the future.

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Business Continuity

& Succession Planning

While every business is unique, we believe there are 3 key focus areas for any business to reach its full potential. Whether preparing to transfer, sell, or maintain your business, we help uncover these metrics for you and build a targeted action plan to bridge any gaps.

Profit Potential

Often by stepping back from your business and reviewing the quantitative data, you are able to identify areas for possible improvement that will drive value towards the bottom line.

Value Potential

After recognizing where the Best In Class businesses in your space operate and the potential gap between them and your business, you can learn the true potential value of your business.

Wealth Potential

What do you truly need to live your life the way you would like? What you want for your post business lifestyle?  What can you do now to build this bridge and make this a reality?

DISCOVER your personal financial situation and business valuation.

PREPARE your personal plan and business improvements to de-risk your business. 

DECIDE to keep or sell with confidence.


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Acceleration Process

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Retirement &

Deferred Compensation

Retirement and Deferred Compensation Plans

The tax advantaged 401(k) plan has replaced pensions and social security as the primary vehicle for Americans to save for retirement. Since 401(k)’s have become an expectation of today’s workforce, it is our opinion that businesses need to properly evaluate their 401(k) plan with 2 perspectives in mind.

Is the plan an efficient and valuable retirement vehicle? Is this benefit being effectively leveraged as tool to recruit, retain, and reward talent?

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When working with business owners the most frequent question we hear is “how do I attract and hold onto talent after I find it?” One of the more common ways to do this is through discriminatory Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation plans, which can help highly compensated employees close the retirement gap.

With IRS limits on contribution amounts, highly compensated employees need to find additional ways to save for retirement. Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation plans give them an easy way to contribute more and eliminate the gap.

What is a Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plan?

Each company and situation is unique, let us help you explore options that fit your company specifically.  

Is a Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plan right for your organization?

With traditional qualified contribution limits, highly compensated employees often fall short of the recommended savings goal. Non-qualified deferred comp plans give them an easy way to contribute more and eliminate the gap.


Find out if we're a good fit.

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