The Bowline


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The Bowline Knot (bō-lən)

is defined as a simple and elegant configuration that never slips or comes loose under any strain or load. The Bowline is a representation and constant reminder of our mission to develop financially unbreakable clients, and help them achieve the most value possible from their lives and their business.  We execute this mission by adhering to prudent planning and investment processes that provide the framework for all of our recommendations.

We believe that the highest form of wealth is the ability to wake up every morning and say,

“I can do whatever I want today.”

The Future of

Financial Advice.

When robo-advisors and fintech exploded onto the scene in the early 2000s, it was believed that they were going to cause major disruption in the financial services industry by doing what financial advisors do for a fraction of the cost and put the humans out of business. Now that the emerging industry has evolved, the reality is that human financial advisors are still high in demand and those who are effectively leveraging these new “robo” tools are thriving. Due to our adoption of best-in-class technology, we are able to elevate our clients’ end user-experience, and also elevate the role of our advisors’ advice by replacing back-office jobs with more efficient automated processes and partnerships.




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John is a managing partner, chief compliance officer, and financial planner at Bowline Financial. After graduating from Rollins College in Florida, where he played D2 lacrosse and earned his international business degree, John immediately entered the financial services industry. John was quickly exposed to the various paths you could take as a licensed Financial Advisor, but it did not take him long to realize that financial planning was the most meaningful pursuit with the greatest opportunity to do good:


“I could tell early on that providing financial planning advice from the position of a fiduciary was lacking in our profession. There were too many solutions being provided to clients based upon the sale of a product (insurance, annuities, mutual funds, etc) instead of solutions that were driven by a real process.”


He earned the challenging CFP® designation which educated and certified him on the key pillars of comprehensive financial planning to better serve his clients. His duty of loyalty as a CFP® professional is a driving force behind Bowline Financial’s fiduciary standard of care today.


His primary roles in the firm include providing comprehensive financial plans to clients, strengthening client relationships, and bettering firm processes/technology/compliance.


Outside of the office, John enjoys spending time with his family, boating, skiing and playing golf or hockey depending on the season.

“Patience. Frugality. Sacrifice. What do those three things have in common? They’re choices. Money is not happiness but money is at its essence the measure of a man’s choices.” -Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde in “Ozark”


Managing Partner



Matt is a managing partner and financial advisor at Bowline Financial.  His primary roles within the firm are centered around firm vision, process, and serving his select group of clients. Matt has over 20 years of experience in financial services and has been working with closely held businesses for his entire professional career.   

Prior to Bowline Financial he owned multiple payroll companies with locations across the country managing payroll, taxes, retirement and benefit plans. In an effort to serve his clients in a more comprehensive way, he now focuses most of his time on serving and advising his clients in the following areas:

  • Business Exit Strategies

  • Executive Deferred Compensation

  • Retirement Plans

  • Key Employee Retention

  • Estate Planning

  • Wealth Transfer Strategies

Outside the office Matt enjoys spending time with his wife Katie, daughters Emma and Greta, running, and playing tennis and golf.

“Wealth is not determined by investment performance, but by investor behavior.” - Nick Murray


Managing Partner